Are you worried about using ongoing pain relief drugs for back pain just to get by?

Discover How You Can Relieve Back Pain Naturally

Name: John Miller
Re: If you're like most people with back pain you're at your wit's end trying to work out how you can relieve the pain yourself.

You're sick and tired of sending good money after bad riding the therapeutic merry-go-round - and not getting better.

I'll let you in on the back pain secret that doctors, radiologists, surgeons and manipulative therapists either don't know or have been hiding from you.

The secret is that You are the only person who can relieve Your back pain.

What other people do to you only speeds up the rehab process. It doesn't take the place of the strength and flexibility exercises you need to do for yourself.

I'm coming at this from two angles. First, I'm a physical educator and fitness practitioner and I've being running the Fix Back Pain program for corporate organisations and in fitness centres for the last 10 years.

Just about every time I make a presentation people ask me whether I've got a book with the exercises in it. Well I have, it's the ebook, 'Fix Back Pain' and it's available world-wide on the internet. In five minutes from now you can be reading it on your computer.

The second angle is that I've had back pain myself. When I started doing the strength and flexibility exercises I have for you, the pain went away in about two months. I've been pain free for the last 13 years.

The main problem for people with lower back pain is that their pelvis and the bones above it are out of alignment. Pain is the symptom of the mis-alignment.

Here’s what you’re probably experiencing.

  • You wake up each morning as stiff as a board and frightened about what’s going to happen when your feet hit the floor?
  • You can’t sneeze or cough without it feeling like someone’s ramming a red hot poker into your lower back.
  • You can’t turn over in bed without any pain?
  • You wake up from a night’s interrupted sleep tired and wrung out.
  • You’ve got to lie on the bed to pull your socks on and get someone else to do up your shoe laces.
  • You can’t brush your teeth while leaning over the basin - because you can’t lean over the basin.
  • You’ve given up sport because you can’t bear the pain every time you hit the ball.

What I’ve got for you is a pain relief program that will fix all that. And here's the secret again. You have to relieve the pain yourself. Once your pelvis and the bones above it are back in better alignment you’ll be pain free and you’ll be able to resume a normal life.

I’ll show you how, using a method that’s quicker, easier, more effective and cheaper than any treatment you'll get in a surgery, therapy room or on the internet.

All you need is the right set of strength and flexibility exercises.

Our program is a complete self education kit that will help you save both time and money to fix the cause of your back pain!

Introducing the "Fix Back Pain" ebook

Fix Back Pain ebook program

Do it yourself

The beauty of the program I’ve got for you is that you can do it yourself. No more rubbing, crunching, heating or vibrating. No money being poured down the therapeuitic black hole. Just your time. You are the therapist.

You Can Do it Whenever You Like

You can do it at home, you can do it whenever you like, as often as you like and for as long as you like. Initially, the longer you can spend doing the exercises (on the floor while watching television) the sooner the pain relief process will kick in.

You're Treating the Cause of Your Problem, Not the Symptom

This means you'll be treating the underlying cause of your problem - tight muscles and weak muscles attached to your pelvis and the bones above it.

This means your pain will go away, permanently and stay away with a regular short, sharp maintenance program.

Make Just One, Once-only Investment

This is a program where you make just one investment in your current and future musculo-skeletal health – up front for the 'Fix Back Pain' ebook.

You’re going to save a fortune in medical and therapy bills.

You’re going to save yourself hours and hours going to appointments.

The investment is around a third of the cost of a 20 minute session with a therapist who, likely as not will want to attack the spot where it hurts. When the cause of the pain is rarely at the site of the pain, that sort of treatment isn't going to do you much good.

The program I've got for you gets to the underlying cause of your back pain - weak and tight muscles that have allowed your pelvis and the bones above it to move out of alignment -  and puts you in the driver's seat to relieve it.

I just wanted to let you know that since I did your program in January this year my back has improved 99%. I only have a slight problem now that I am continuing to work hard to make right, but at least I have no day to day pain anymore. 

I can't believe that something that has caused me so much pain in the last 3.5 years and cost me so much money was actually so simple to fix.

Thank you very much for your help.



So Simple to Fix


I have done the Back Pain Clinic twice over the years through my workplace and every time I feel great afterwards. The benefits of the clinic are amazing.

I have been CT'd and MRI'd and been told there's nothing 'wrong' enough with my back to have the discomfort I experience. Your clinics have shown me what many dollars of medical expertise couldn't, that it's all in the muscles and posture (in my case). I have often wished you were based in Townsville so I could have the benefit of your expertise more readily available.

Good luck. Your program is a great, non-invasive, method.


A Great, Non-invasive Method

Hi John

I would like to provide my support for your program as I have found that the exercises and the direction you have given me have made a huge difference to my back problem (bulging discs around L4, L5). 

As you would be aware I was due to have a back operation in March 2009 and after our meeting and your guidance with the correct exercises I have now cancelled the operation. 

I was on pain medication daily for about 5 months and no longer require them. Since you directed me with these exercises my condition is improving. This has also made me aware that the operation would have only been a mask of the problem as I was never told what caused this problem or any alternate methods of correcting it.  I have no doubt that this is the better way to deal with this condition. 

As you said this would take a number of months. I still have a way to go.

Thanks heaps.


I've Cancelled My Operation


I attended your Back Pain session and found that it provided what my chiropractic and physio experience did not; a suite of practical and convenient exercises that improve your posture and encourage back awareness, alignment and care.

I do them regularly and they have been a great help - certainly much more practical assistance (and education) than I have received previously.


Practical and Convenient Exercises

John - thanks for your recent visit to Darwin. I attended your Back Pain Relief Program (I was your first demo bunny) and have been doing many of the exercises daily.

Almost immediately I noticed a distinct improvement in the pain in my back - to the point that my back is virtually un-stiff when I get up in the morning now.  It may sound corny, but you have changed my life (for now, anyway).

Thanks John,


Un-stiff When I Get Up in the Morning

I am a 56 yo male Senior Executive with a desk job that also involves frequent plane travel. Prior to attending one of John Miller's musculo-skeletal health programs 3-4 years ago, I was a regular visitor to chiropractors seeking relief from chronic lower back pain, exacerbated by unequal hip height.

Although these visits relieved the problem temporarily, they left me unsatisfied that I was really addressing the underlying cause. Since attending John's course I have been able to maintain flexibility and build strength in my lower back to such an extent that I have not needed chiropractic manipulation.


No More Chiropractic

Hi John
Yes I have had an improvement in my back & shoulders. My shoulders don’t ache when I am sleeping anymore & my hamstrings are better plus my lower back stopped aching. 


My Lower Back Stopped Aching

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