How You Can Achieve Backpain Relief Naturally

The best thing you can do to relieve back pain is to start doing the strength and flexibility exercises that get your body back in alignment and strong enough to do every day tasks in comfort.

The Back Pain Epidemic

We’re in the midst of an epidemic of back pain – and other musculo-skeletal pain.

Much of this pain is personally generated.

In the sit down society, weak and tight muscles allow bones to gradually move out of alignment. It’s so subtle that you don’t even know it’s happening; in fact you could be 99% of the way to herniating a disc and you think your back is in good shape.

Then comes the incident (often trivial) – lifting the groceries into the car, bending down to put on your socks, swiveling round to pick up a phone book, sneezing … This is the incident that normal healthy people take in their stride.

Likely as not you’ll blame the incident, not the fact that you’ve allowed your bones to move out of alignment to the point where even the slightest of exertions will ‘break the camel’s back’.

The Therapeutic Merry-go-round

You know what it’s like.

Prior to the incident you’ve probably been putting up with a dull ache in your lower back for years. You think it’s a part of the aging process and put up with it. You ask around and find out that just about every one is putting up with some sort of musculo-skeletal pain, that extends from lower back pain through to stiff necks, frozen shoulders, sore wrists, painful hips and knee pain that drives them to distraction.

You come to the conclusion that it’s normal for the upright species to have this pain. It must be something to do with standing on two legs. You put up with it and soldier on.

I can tell you one thing, it’s not standing on two legs that’s the culprit, it’s sitting on you backside that does it.

Then comes the incident that tips you over the edge and the dull ache becomes an excruciating pain.

So it’s off to the doctor, not that the doctor can do much about it. If the misalignment is due to a lack of strength and flexibility, it’s a fitness problem and you can’t solve a fitness problem with a medical solution.

The good thing about it being a fitness problem is that there’s a fair likelihood that you can fix the problem yourself.

The two factors of fitness involved in musculo-skeletal health are strength and flexibility, the improvement of which is a routine affair for the millions of people around the world who do a few exercises on a regular basis. And when you include the number of people who regularly do these exercises in China and throughout Asia, it is hundreds of millions of people, all of whom have learnt that by doing a few strength and flexibility exercises every day they can not only prevent back pain, they can get rid of it altogether.

In our culture, doing strength and flexibility exercises is the exception, not the rule. The medical industry poo poos a strength and flexibility training program as being ‘alternative medicine’. There nothing alternative about it, it’s the real deal.

But getting back to the medical industry. Likely as not your doctor won’t check to see what the underlying cause of your pain is – how strong you are, how flexible you are – both of which can be done with simple tests.

sitting at workstation

If you’re looking for a cause of back pain, look no further!

If your doctor is like most doctors they won’t have a clue where to look for the underlying cause of the pain. Like you they’ll blame the incident, it’s the most convenient response. They’ll even write out a certificate blaming the organisation you work for. It happens all the time.

If you work sitting at a desk in a government office, your employer might extend their generosity to buying you a $1500 chair.

But if you can’t sit in it properly it’s another waste of public money. Sitting in a chair ‘properly’ means sitting up straight with the back of the chair upright and pressing in to your shoulder blades and your abdomen pressing in to the desk.

Likely as not the doctor won’t check to see how far out of alignment you are and which muscles are causing the problem. Instead you’ll be bundled off for an X-ray – another couple of hundred bucks down the medical black hole.

You take the X-ray back to your doctor but it will only show what’s happened, not what’s caused what’s happened. X-rays X-ray bones, not muscles. They’re pretty much useless in developing a strategy for back pain relief.

In the end the doctor falls back on the only weapon at their disposal, the pad, so it’s off to the chemist for a pain killer; but low back pain is not caused by a lack of Nurofen.

You end up taking matters into your own hands and book in to a chiropractor or physiopractor for a rub down, crunch, heat pad and the vibrator. But back pain isn’t caused by a lack of rubbing, crunching, heating or vibrating either. If the rubbing and crunching is directed at the spot where it hurts, it’s a sure sign the chiro and physio don’t know what’s causing the pain either.

The ultimate destination is the surgeon and you can guess what advice you’ll receive once you get there. If you follow it through you could find yourself being trousered to the tune of for 50 Grand for a couple of hour’s work.

Likely as not, none of these therapies will treat the underlying cause of the problem. Even with surgery there is no guarantee that it’s going to provide a lasting fix. The internet chat rooms are full of people who had the surgery and are still in pain.

Anyway, you’ve been there, done that and you’re still in agony. In both desperation and exasperation that’s why you’ve ended up at this website.

It’s time to take matters into your own hands and do something to yourself. I’ll teach you to be your own therapist.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that your body is out of alignment, it’s as simple as that – not just the bones in your lower back but probably right throughout your body. You may be able to see just how out of alignment you are by looking in a mirror or having someone take some photos of you in a range of poses – from the front, the back and the sides. If you pose in shorts and a tee shirt, swimming costume or your underwear it will be even easier to see just how out of alignment you are.

You can certainly feel how out of alignment you are by getting into these stretch positions.

You can certainly feel how out of alignment you are by getting into these stretch positions.

lower backpain stretches

If your hamstring and buttock muscles are too tight, you won’t be able to sit up straight in either of these two positions. And if you can’t sit up straight it’s no wonder you’ve got lower back pain – and neck and shoulder pain.

I’m going to provide you with clues as to the underlying cause of your pain. It’s most likely that the muscles attached to your pelvis have pulled it out of alignment. When that happens the bones above the pelvis move out of alignment as well. Just working on the bones of the lower back doesn’t get to the heart of the matter.

The blame game

You probably won’t have far to look for someone to blame, just look in the mirror. Then blame sitting down with poor posture and blame the lack of a regular and systematic strength and flexibility training program.

If this sounds like you,

  • the chances of you getting lower back pain is very high. If you’re 20Kg or more over weight the chances are increased even more.
  • the chances of getting rid of back pain are also very high. All you need to do is start doing the exercises that get your body back in alignment and strong enough to do every day tasks in comfort.

You don’t have to be a motor mechanic to work out that if your body is out of alignment, sooner or later you’ll end up in pain. Ligaments, tendons and muscles will be stretched beyond their pain threshold. Discs will become herniated and pinch your spinal cord. The ends of bones will rub against each other causing bone (arthro) inflammation (itis).

The iron law of back pain that says that the cause of
the problem is rarely at the site of the pain.

Call the mechanic!

worn out tyre treadGetting back to the motor mechanic, he doesn’t just sell you a new tyre when one of the old tyres wears unevenly, because he knows that unless he makes some structural changes to your steering and suspension, the new tyre will develop the same problem as the old one.

Instead he books you in for a wheel alignment that involves the adjustment of the vehicle’s suspension, springs, ball joints and tie rods. It will also involve checking caster, camber, toe, thrust, ride height and wheel balance.

It’s not about the tyre. It’s about what holds the wheel in correct alignment.

To cut a long story short, very few doctors or therapists will give you as thorough an assessment as your mechanic will give to your car. In fact if motor mechanics took the same approach to fixing cars as doctors take for treating back pain they’d be out of business in a few weeks.

Once you’ve downloaded the Fix Back Pain ebook, you’ll be able to do the assessment yourself.

As I’ve already said, most therapists will want to rub and crunch the spot where it hurts. This a sure sign they’ve missed the point. They’re targeting the symptom rather than going to the underlying cause of your misalignment. You might have temporary pain relief but you’re not getting better. It’s why good money is following bad.

The Back Pain Solution?

The underlying cause of the pain is usually tight muscles attached to your upper legs and pelvis that have taken the pelvis and the bones above it out of alignment. It’s about weak muscles throughout the body that can’t support the bones in correct alignment.

Providing it’s not too far gone, there’s a high likelihood you can get yourself back into alignment by loosening off the tight muscles and strengthening the weak muscles.

The Fix Back Pain musculo-skeletal health program is a tried and tested program, that helps you identify which muscles are weak and which muscles are tight, and provides you with a set of exercises to strengthen weak muscles, loosen tight muscles and gradually straighten yourself up.

Is this a quick fix for back pain?

Nope. It’s going to take a while, but it stands to reason you can’t expect to realign in a few days bones that have taken decades to move out of alignment.

Having said that, in the first few days of doing the exercises you’ll start to feel looser. In a few weeks you’ll be feeling the difference and in a couple of months you’ll notice a big difference. There’s a good chance you pain will have gone away.

You can do many of the exercises at home while watching TV.

The beauty of the Fix Back Pain program is that you don’t need to fork out large sums of money for therapists to do something to you. You are the therapist. You do the strength and flexibility exercises to yourself.

If lack of strength and flexibility is the problem it’s absurd to think you can sub-contract out the set of strength and flexibility exercises that will get you back in alignment. Rubbing and crunching don’t make muscles stronger or looser either. Neither does Nurofen.

In fact it’s a big ask expecting to get better by having some one do something to you; sooner or later you have to do something to yourself.

Is this a quack fix?

Definitely not, because you’re treating the cause of the problem not the symptom.

A quack fix would be masking the pain with a drug and adopting a therapeutic routine that has you coming back for months and years on end.


I have the belief that for 80% of people there’s an 80% chance they can get their bodies back to 80% of good condition if they’re diligent. Most people would be happy with these odds.

But I’ll be straight with you; for some people this program may not work, for any number of reasons, the principal one being the condition is too far gone or you don’t spend sufficient time doing the exercises.

If after 80 days you are not completely satisfied with the program, and you think I’ve over promised and under-delivered, I’ll refund your money. All you have to do is give it your best shot. I won’t be cheerful about the refund because I’ll be disappointed I haven’t been able to help you.

A step by step program to straighten you up

The Fix Back Pain program will teach you, step by step how to work out which muscles are weak and tight and then provide you with the exercises you need to do to get back in alignment.

Studies show that if you are more than 20Kg over weight and don’t have a strength and flexibility training program the chances of getting back pain are very high. You can fix all that yourself.

I’ll teach you how to become your own therapist. Then all you need to do is spend time each night, on the floor, in front of the TV doing a set of relaxing flexibility exercises to straighten yourself up. You will also have to do some strength exercises which require a bit more vigor. If you can join a yoga class or go to the gym and work out, so much the better.

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Fix Back Pain

Fix Back Pain

Fix Back Pain covers just about everything you need to know about the causes and treatment of lower back pain relief.

What you’ll get in the Fix Back Pain ebook is firstly, a detailed outline of the underlying causes of back pain.

Secondly I’ll teach you some of the key exercises you need to do to strengthen and loosen the muscles designed to keep your back in good alignment. Do that there’s a good chance your pain will go away.

Fix Neck Pain

Fix Neck Pain

In the Fix Neck Pain ebook I show you how to diagnose and treat the cause of neck pain.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • a detailed outline of what’s causing your neck pain.
  • some of the key exercises you need to do to relieve your neck pain.

In short I’ll show you how to strengthen and loosen those muscles designed to keep your head on the top of your shoulders.

Fix Shoulder Pain

Fix Shoulder Pain

Fix Shoulder Pain has a detailed description of why people get shoulder pain.

A third of your shoulder pain probably comes from the same place as lower back pain – tight calf, hamstring and buttock muscles.

Another third of your pain comes from weak shoulder muscles.

The final third of your pain comes from tight muscles around your shoulders.

I provide you with the exercises you need to do to get your shoulders back in good shape.

Fix Wrist Pain

Fix Wrist Pain

The species designed to draw water, chop wood and climb trees can no longer tap a keyboard of push a mouse without coming down with wrist pain.

Wrist pain is often diagnosed as an over-use injury. I suspect that much of it comes from under-use. People don’t have a regular and systematic strength training program for their torso, shoulders, arms and wrists.

Fix Hip Pain

Fix Hip Pain

There’s an epidemic of hip pain caused by legs and hips that are out of alignment.

I’ll show you a set of exercises that are going to get your hips back in better alignment and working like hips are designed to work. When you do some of these exercises I recommend you won’t believe how weak and tight some of the muscles around your hips and pelvic area have become.

The alignment of your legs and feet, how you stand, how you walk and how much of your time you send sitting down have a critical bearing on hip function.

Fix Knee pain

Fix Knee pain

There’s an epidemic of knee pain caused by weak and tight muscles.

I’ll show you a series of exercises that are going to get your knees back in better alignment. When you do these exercises you won’t believe how weak and tight some of the muscles in your legs have become – placing pressure on your knee joints.

In particular, relief will come by strengthening and loosening your quadriceps muscles.

Fix Achilles Tendon, Calf and Shin Pain

Fix Achilles Tendon, Calf and Shin Pain

I outline the likely causes of your pain and provide you with exercises and strategies to restore poor function to good.

Painful Achilles comes with tight calf, hamstring and buttock muscles – and feet and legs that are out of alignment.

I’ll tell you about the benefits that come with using a range of modalities – persistently – to fix your dysfunction. In particular I’ll introduce you to The Stick.

You’ll get exercises you won’t have seen at other Achilles tendonitis sites.

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Regards and best wishes

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